Five Star treats every customer with respect and honesty. We will work with you to educate you on your home and the options you have to make it more efficient. With customer service being our primary goal, quality, honest and efficient work is the reputation we live by.

Use Alsides Design Showcase to see what your home can look like with quality products installed by Five Star Roofing Consultants & Services. All products installed to the manufacturers specifications.


Five Star installs the highest quality products by trained professionals. We use GAF shingles which are the highest rated for the northeast’s punishing climate. We also use a synthetic underlayment which will allow your roof to breathe and will last longer than felt paper. Five Star also installs commercial grade rubberized roofing to all flat or low pitched roofs.

One of the biggest issues with roofing installations is proper ventilation. Five Star’s project managers will explain how bad ventilation will affect the life of the roof and possibly even void the manufacturer’s warranty, and how you can have proper ventilation in your home. The project manager will make sure you feel comfortable with what’s being installed on your home and will try and give you the best options based on the structure of your home.


There are a variety of windows and doors that are available for installation through Five Star Roofing Consultants & Services. Our project manager will help to explain the energy efficient options as well as the different aesthetic options that come with the different manufactures. We also provide as much information on tax rebates as possible.


Five Star offers many different styles and colors. All of which can be seen at www.alside.com. These vinyl and metal options allow for many customizations as well as providing many benefits. These benefits include never having to paint again, having many different energy efficient options and transforming the look of your home. Contact us today to have a project manager contact you to answer all of your questions.


If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, or would like to turn your basement into a enjoyable living space then Five Star Roofing Consultants & Services is your choice. We are taking our innovative and custom designs inside giving the homeowner many more choices when thinking about transforming their living space. Please look at our projects page to see some examples of our work.


Wrap all your exposed wood in new pvc metal to give a different look and not have to worry about painting again. Metal offered in a variety of colors. Trim protects your wood from the elements much more effectively than paint and allows from the maximum lifetime of the wood features of your house.


Five Star makes custom wood fencing to fit any homeowners vision. Specializing is 6ft dog ear pressure treated wood systems. We can enhance your yard with a wood or vinyl privacy fence with many gate and size options.

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